In Chile, new emerging technologies are creating new business models while other types of innovation is contributing to an inclusive, sustainable growth in the region. But quite often Start-ups have difficulty obtaining funds, and have high costs of capital that restrict the growth of many companies— no matter how good the business models and innovative the ideas are.

Furthermore in Chile and Latin America in general, access to capital through banks are difficult due to credit rationing and because of the immense difference in loan interest rates between SMEs and Large-Size firms. Additionally, more traditional ways of raising capital are very exclusive— for both investors and firms trying to invest or receive investment. As a solution we have created WAYVX, to create an inclusive ecosystem where more entrepreneurs can raise capital while focusing on their business models and where more individuals can invest in growing startups.

In December 2019, WAYVX started officially, signing an agreement with Standard Capital Co. Ltd. from Japan, to work together to develop a STO (Security Token Offering) issuance and exchange platform in Chile. We plan to develop a regulated, transparent and safe STO market while becoming a bridge between the Latin American market and the Asian Market.

The same month, we started to develop the LAM20 protocol, an STO protocol focused on the Latin American market to insure our platform compliance with different Latin American regulatory systems. We are currently moving forward negotiating with different key players in the blockchain and FinTech market in Chile, to be able to build up and develop a protocol that insures the safety, transparency and accuracy of any STO transaction.

Our Team


Kazuna Yamamoto

Co-Founder and CEO


Fabian Mella Lukacs

Co-Founder and COO


Francisca Ochoa Suazo

Legal Officer

Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 13.49.29

Cristóbal Budnevich

Business Development

Taisei Yamaguchi

Director and Advisor

Time Line of Events

December, 2019

December, 2019

December, 2019

January, 2020


Establishment of Company

Development of LAM20 Protocol

Technological Alliance with Standard Capital Co. Ltd.

First STO Meet Up Chile organized

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