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Blockchain technology offers transparency, traceability, security and cost-efficient automation. At WAYVX we provide services for companies and their business projects to implement blockchain technology in their value chains to maximize the results of their objectives. We specialize on STO (Security Token Offerings) for SMEs and big companies in Latin America.

STO Issuance:

WAYVX offers professional STO (Security Token Offering) issuance services for companies that seek to raise capital for their projects in an agile, regulated and cost efficient manner.

The issuance of Security Tokens allows speeding up and democratizing access to financing for SMEs and large companies. It is a digitalization of financial instruments or certain assets of the issuing company, comercialized in a legally regulated and technologically safe mannerfor. Its public or private offer can reach an international scope to investors. Each digitized component of the issuing company is secured by blochchain technology, which is inpenetrable thanks to its cryptography and decentralization. These digitized, or “tokenized,” financial co-components of the issuing company are called “Security Tokens.” In addition to their technological characteristics, the Security Tokens contain legal and regulatory compliance standards, through “smart contracts”, which are pre-programmed abd self-executed components of the investment token, which allows for the automation of complex processes and, consequently, a higher cost efficiency in the processes involved in raising capital. The STO (Security Token Offering) refers to the initial offer for local or international investors of these instruments and / or tokenized financial assets.

Traditional processes of raising capital are complex and expensive. WAYVX offers the ideal alternative so that your company can reach its goals on new levels and with greater liquidity, without the need to incur exhorbitant capital costs.

With WAYVX you can issue customized Security Tokens developed to suit the needs and objectives of your company.

Start today wth a STO Issuance for your company.

Blockchain Consulting:

Find out how to boost your company’s business projects by implementing blockchain technology in its value chains. Blockchain technology has a broad hirozon of applications both in finance and in operations throughout different stages and nodes of a company’s vlaue chain or value matrix.

You can hire your professional and personalized blockchain consulting today to strengthen your projects.

Desarrollo de Proyectos Blockchain:

Desarrollamos proyectos blockchain customizados para tu empresa. Si ya tienes una idea de cómo potenciar tus negocios con blockchain, podemos desarrollar su aplicación práctica en conjunto. Al mismo tiempo, recomendamos iniciar con una Consultoróa Blockchain para tener mayor perspectiva de las posibilidades existentes para llevar a tu empresa al siguiente nivel.

Estos servicios incluyen; Redacción y publicación de White Paper, Marketing Digital, Lanzamiento STO en plataformas internacionales, Listamiento Múltiple, Maximización de Liquidez e Investor Pooling, entre otros.

Contrata hoy tus servicios de Desarrollo de Proyectos Blockchain.

Servicios Legales y Auditoría Financiera

Un aspecto fundamental de cualquier ejercicio financiero con blockchain es el cumplimiento legal & regulatorio y la robustez financiera de las empresas que emiten crypto-activos.

Sevicios Legales:

WAYVX ofrece servicios legales especializados para cumplir con las regulaciones nacionales e internacionales que apliquen en cada emisión de STO. Estos incluyen:

– Asesoría de Smart Contract especializado para tu proyecto.
– Cumplimiento regulatorio nacional e internacional.
– Proceso legal para levantamiento de capital internacional y tramitación de RUT de Inversionistas Internacionales.

Auditoría Financiera:

Para alcanzar el financiamiento objetivo de tus proyectos y STO, es necesario superar ampliamente los estándares del mercado en cuanto a rigurocidad y transparencia de la información financiera de la empresa.
WAYVX ofrece servicios profesionales de auditoría financiera para tus proyectos. Estos incluyen:

– Auditoría financiera.
– Redacción y publicación de documentos Due Diligence.
– Asesoría financiera integral de tu negocio.

Contrata hoy tus Servicios Legales y/o Auditoría Financiera, según las necesidades de tu empresa.

STO Exchange:

The WAYV ~ X platform offers a professional and specialized experience for national and international investors who are investing or are interested in Latin American companies investments.

If you work as a private, individual or institutional investor, WAYV ~ X is the ideal platform to manage your investments, both on your computer and on your mobile phone. We offer services for investors looking to invest in the primary market and / or the secondary market of tokenized financial assets and instruments of SMEs and large companies.

Individual Investor Services:
– WAYVX Wallet service.
– Security Token trading services.
– Personalized support 24/7.

Institutional Investor Services:
– Legal services to start activities as a Venture Capital Investor Fund.
– STO Venture Capital (STO ~ VC) account: Includes Venture Capital Investor Wallet, Venture Capital Investment Management Admin. Panel (VC ~ IMAP) and Legal compliance validation in Latin America.
– Security Token trading services.
– Personalized support 24/7.

Business Services:
– WAYVX Issuer Admin Panel.
– Issuance of STO.
– STO tracking.
– Personalized support 24/7.

Borker Services:
– Legal services to start activities as a Brokerage Firm in Latin America.
– STO Brokerage (STO ~ Broker) account: Includes Broker Trading Wallet, Broker Trading Management Admin. Panel (Broker ~ TMAP) and Legal compliance validation in Latin America.
– Security Token trading services.
– Personalized support 24/7

If you are an investor or company interested in STO trading, register here at WAYV ~ X

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